Thursday, December 5, 2013

Help!! My Craftroom is Scaring Me

Please excuse my absence from blogging.  I had to take a break to sort/purge/clean/reorganize the pig sty that was once my craft room. I am embarrassed to share some of these pictures, but this is reality, and if I ever want to work in this room again I've got to get it straightened up. 
I started sorting things about three months ago, but somehow I just ended up piling everything on, under, or in front of my design table.
I have this folding table set up next to my design table so that I can do paperwork, work on my computer, etc while looking out the windows.  I put a UV/heat blocking film on the windows back at the beginning of the Summer and it made a HUGE difference this year.  That closet is one of the things that I also had to tackle.  It was full of boxes and bags stuffed from top to bottom.
There is my lovely assistant doing what he does best.  Behind him is the door downstairs and one of two small design walls.
My design wall alcove.  After I get that old sewing machine/table moved I will have more room.
This is the view from my sewing machine.
That is my cutting table in the front with my sewing table behind it.  Scraps and bolts on the back wall, and the stairs and door to the upstairs.

This is the view across my cutting table to my sewing table and some of my fabric.

Shelves, containers, and storage behind my sewing table. 

I will be posting updated clean craft room pictures, and the special projects I've been working on soon.  I'm also working on several new tutorials and patterns that will be posted after the holidays.

I also wanted to thank everyone who has downloaded my Scrappy Pumpkin Table Runner tutorial on Craftsy, or requested it by e-mail.  As of today, there have been over 840 downloads on Craftsy.  I am just so humbled by the response from everyone, and feel so blessed to be able to share my ideas with all of you.


  1. Your room is very neat compared to mine!! I love your space and your assistant!!

    1. Thank you Kira. My assistant isn't very helpful, but he makes me smile.


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